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  • Antonela Luna

3 Crystals to Attract Love

Green Aventurine:

Stone of Good Luck
  • Brings change, if looking to meet someone knew carry this stone around

  • Brings passion to existing relationships and ignites quick connection for new partners

  • A stone of luck and success, carry it in your pocket when you’re trying to get lucky! ;)


Stone of Self-Love

  • AKA “rescue stone” as it eases away past love scars and aiding in forgiving others

  • Increases confidence and self loving- especially after painful events

  • Heals heartache

Rose Quartz:

Stone of Unconditional Love
  • Overcome fears related to love

  • Self love, Family love, romantic love, friendship love

  • Helps build trust for others

  • Draws love to you, or deepens existing love connections

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